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Larry_MarionLarry Marion is the
CEO and Editorial Director of Triangle Publishing Services Co. Inc.  Mr. Marion has more than 20 years of experience writing and editing publications about technology, healthcare and financial services. He has worked as a writer and editor at LOTUS, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Institutional Investor and Software Magazine. In addition, his articles have appeared in Barron's, InformationWeek, PC Week, Beyond Computing and Computerworld.
He can be reached at:

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Paul_PinellaPaul Pinella is the
President of Triangle Publishing Services and is in charge of business development. Mr. Pinella is a marketing veteran, editor and media entrepreneur fluent in online, print and radio communications. Formerly vice president of product marketing at Collego and Vice President/Production at Boston-based edu.com, he was also Vice President/Business Publishing at Redgate Communications (acquired by AOL), marketing director at NewsEdge Corporation and managing editor of Datamation magazine. He is widely published in many online and print publications.
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Our Mission
Triangle Publishing Services provides superlative content and multimedia/interactive services for information technology vendors. Our areas of in-depth domain knowledge include business intelligence, analytics, cloud, CRM, ERP, supply chain management, manufacturing, financial services and mobile devices.

Unlike most technology-based custom content firms, the business publication experience of the Triangle team enables us to deliver higher quality content—we know the impact of technology on business and vice versa.

We have deep experience in producing purposeful content that hits the mark with the client's strategy and resonates with its intended audience. We are equally adept at preparing technology-related content for CFOs, CEOs and line of business managers as well as for CIOs and CTOs.

Our content-development relationship begins by making sure your strategy and objectives are clearly defined, aligned and translated into a series of executable deliverables. We specialize in repurposing content to leverage clients' investments. For example, a survey and field interviews can be repurposed into a series of research reports, case studies, blogs, podcasts, bylined articles and even a book.

About Triangle
Launched in 1994, Triangle initially offered basic editorial, sponsored research, writing and editing services. A small writing staff, dedicated to helping publishing and vendors clients with their specific customer-content needs, delivered these services.

Today, we have a global team that has grown to more than 60 writers, editors, sales and marketing professionals, designers and photographers. They deliver an expanded list of services, including multimedia, advertising and SEO.

Triangle has earned a prestigious reputation among the leading publishers and vendors of technology, financial services, and healthcare products and services. Our track record reflects our commitment to high-quality, cost-efficient and on-time delivery and shows why 80 percent of Triangle's current clients retain our services for multiple and future projects—it also bears testimony to our reputation, the caliber of our dedicated team and the quality of our services.

Interested in learning more about our portfolio or have a specific custom content project? Contact Paul Pinella at: ppinella@triangle-publishing.com