Customer Experience Edge (2011)

Services Provided: Ghost writing; editing; representation
Technologies: Customer Experience Management, Mobile Apps

Custom Project Description: The client wanted to reposition itself as a thought leader in a new space related to the customer relationship management market. Triangle and the client developed a strategy for defining a unique and compelling sector—the profitable customer experience market. Then the client asked Triangle to develop a series of integrated content elements, including a book, white papers, case studies, blogs, audiocasts and other components.

The Result: In collaboration with Businessweek Research Services and SAP, Triangle writers, who are experts in CEM and IT/business collaboration, culled their experience and knowledge from research, white papers and real-life case studies to produce and publish a 300-page book, four research reports, four case studies and other material. The book will be published by McGraw Hill in the fall of 2011.

Chinamerica: The uneasy partnership that will change the world
Services Provided: Ghost writing; editing; representation
Technologies: Manufacturing, Economics, Industrial

Custom Project Description: Conventional wisdom pits China against the United States in a war for economic supremacy. The book, Chinamerica: The uneasy partnership that will change the world, authored by Handel Jones, a leading expert on China’s industrial and economic emergence and published by McGraw-Hill Professional in 2010, demonstrates that the wave of the future is cooperation between the two titans—not conflict—and how America will benefit from increased economic engagement and competition with China. China has already adopted many of the wealth-building concepts that made the United States successful in the past. The country is not only emulating American successes but surpassing the United States in building new industries and creating employment opportunities.

The Result: Larry Marion, CEO and Editorial Director of Triangle, served as the agent and chief editor for this book-publishing effort. He and another Triangle editor in 6 weeks edited the 300-page manuscript created by the author and succeeded in getting it published in July 2010. We also supported the author's promotional campaign with a Web site and other advice and guidance. In addition, Triangle secured favorable reviews in several publications.

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