Interactive Analysis Tools (calculators)

Triangle Publishing's calculators, more formerly known as Interactive Analysis Tools, are custom-built mini-apps for business-to-business Web sites. Analogous to the retirement or college education calculators provided by financial services firms over the Web, our Interactive Analysis Tool is designed for business or technology decision makers. The tools provide specific personalized guidance about the value of a specific information technology product based on site visitor's answers to specific questions.

For example, the calculator’s results can reveal the anticipated ROI of a software implementation project. Or, the calculator can provide a readiness assessment to indicate the appropriateness of a new technology implementation.

Other calculators we’'ve done have provided guidance on:

  • the time allocation required for new software implementation
  • the cost of system upgrades
  • a recommendation on what percentage of an IT budget should be allocated for a specific task

These calculators are designed to capture prospects in a 5-minute exercise that triggers a dialogue between a prospect and a vendor.

Here are some examples of our tools:

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