Meet The Team

Larry Marion

Larry Marion, Chief Executive Officer
Larry Marion is the CEO and editorial director of Triangle Publishing Services. Mr. Marion founded Triangle in 1994. When it was launched, Triangle only provided a few services: IT research, writing and editing. It employed six contractors to support three clients. Today, under his continued leadership, Triangle attracts Fortune 500 clientele, produces more than 25 different products and services, and employs a contractor base of more than 60 writers, editors, designers, photographers, salespeople, marketing experts and project managers.

Mr. Marion has more than 20 years of experience writing and editing publications about technology, healthcare and financial services. Before the launch of Triangle, he was the editorial director of LOTUS Magazine, newsletters, books and other products and the editor of several Cahners magazines.

From 1986 to 1990, Mr. Marion was with Institutional Investor Inc., in New York, where he held the position of editor-in-chief of a start-up publication about the application of technology by the financial services industry. While at Institutional Investor magazine, he also held the positions of general editor, senior writer, senior editor and contributing editor.

In addition to having his articles appear in InformationWeek, PC Week, Beyond Computing and Computerworld, Mr. Marion has also held editorial positions in the areas of finance and business. He was a senior editor for Financial World Magazine, in New York, and a staff writer for Forbes and BusinessWeek. Mr. Marion has been the co-author, ghostwriter or ghost editor for several books published by McGraw-Hill or other publishers, including The Customer Experience Edge.

Mr. Marion holds a Masters of Science in Journalism from Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University, in Chicago, and a BS from Drexel University in Philadelphia.

He has spoken at a number of industry conferences, including events sponsored by the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Financial Information Managers Association. In addition, Mr. Marion has been a guest lecturer at journalism classes held at New York University, Mt. Holyoke College and Brandeis University. Mr. Marion also served on a panel of judges for Bitpipe's Annual White Paper Awards, which are dedicated to recognizing excellence in technical writing in the fields of computer hardware, software and communications. He can be reached at


Paul Pinella

Paul Pinella, President
Paul Pinella is President of Triangle Publishing Services and directs business development for the firm. Mr. Pinella first began working for Triangle in 2005 as an Executive Editor managing content development for some of Triangle’s largest Fortune 500 clients. Today he consults with clients on Triangle’s many different products and services and works directly with the company’s senior staff of writers, editors, art directors and producers.

Mr. Pinella is a marketing veteran, editor and media entrepreneur fluent in online, print and radio communications. Besides acting as President of Triangle, Pinella is also CEO of Radar Media Group, a web development and marketing communications firm.

Formerly vice president of product marketing at Collego and Vice President/Production at Boston-based, he was also Vice President/Business Publishing at Redgate Communications (acquired by AOL), marketing director at NewsEdge Corporation and managing editor of Datamation magazine. He is widely published in many online and print publications. He can be reached at


Peter Krass

Peter Krass, Executive Editor
Peter Krass is a longtime business and technology writer and editor. He previously held senior editorial positions with Inc., Smart Enterprise and InformationWeek magazines; the Planet IT and TechBuilder Web sites; and BusinessWeek's newsletter group. Peter lives and works in Brooklyn, N.Y. He can be reached here.


Bill Roberts

Bill Roberts, Executive Editor
Bill Roberts is an Executive Editor at Triangle Publishing Services. Mr. Roberts has worked as a reporter, editor and editorial executive at newspapers, magazines and wire services since 1976. Since 1995, he has covered business and technology as a freelance writer and editor for various magazines, Web sites and corporate clients. He spent nearly 14 years with Knight-Ridder Newspapers at four properties and more than three years as an editorial executive at Ziff-Davis Co. He contributed to the reportage that won a Pulitzer Prize for the San Jose Mercury News for its coverage of the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake. He is the author of A Portrait of Oomoto (Tenseisha Press, 2006), the story of a Shinto religious sect in Japan. Mr. Roberts has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of California at Davis, a master’s degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and he studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. For more information about Mr. Roberts, check out his LinkedIn profile.

Mary Brandel, Executive Editor
Mary Brandel is an Executive Editor at Triangle Publishing Services. Ms. Brandel is an award-winning professional editor and writer, with over 25 years of publishing experience. She is entrusted by clients to deliver engaging, insightful articles and business content on a range of topics, with a special focus on the use of technology to achieve strategic objectives. Ms. Brandel spent 12 years at Computerworld, as chief copy editor, senior writer and executive editor. As a freelance writer, she has published hundreds of in-depth magazine articles in the last 12 years, in several national trade publications and Web sites, as well as thought-leadership reports, white papers and ghost-written articles. She has also ghost-written and edited three books, including Leading IT Transformation (Kendall Hunt Professional), Unleashing the Power of IT (Wiley) and The Customer Experience Edge (McGraw-Hill). As a content editor and managing editor, she has produced a wide range of business materials, including thought-leadership journals, white papers and newsletters.

Alice R. Shimmin, Managing Editor

As Managing Editor for Triangle Ms. Shimmin is responsible for overseeing the editorial content and art assignments for Triangle's print- and Web-based projects. She has held several editorial and freelance positions with information technology publications and Web sites, including Application Development Trends, Datamation, Network Computing, LAN Times and Open Computing. Ms. Shimmin has a BA in English from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She can be reached here.


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