Special Projects
special projects

Creating blog content with case study examples for Microsoft's bizintelligence.tv (2011)
Services Provided: Repurposed and edited 10 completed video interviews into case studies for posting on Microsoft's bizintellence.tv Web site; created e-mail newsletter advertising banners for promotion and site traffic to the bizintelligence.tv Web site
Technologies: Business Intelligence, Analytics, Risk Management, Customer Experience Management

Custom Project Description: The client produces videos featuring interviews with industry thought-leaders and captures their views on the changing role of business intelligence in today's business. Although the videos bring to life the engaging discussions of well-known industry executives including Robert Kaplan (Harvard Business School professor and co-creator of the balanced scorecard), Nick Price (CIO of the Mandarin Hotel Group), Mike McNamara (CIO of Tesco PLC) and Kevin Turner (COO of Microsoft), what was needed was a thoughtful case study format that would provide additional background and relevant research as a key take-away for the site’s visitors. In addition, the client wanted to drive additional traffic to its videos and other materials.

The Result: Targeting an audience of senior business (C-level, etc.) and technology decision-makers from midsize and large companies, Triangle repurposed 10 completed video interviews into case studies for posting on Microsoft’s bizintellence.tv Web site. Supportive industry research (citations and charts), in addition to background information (revenues, number of employees, areas of operation, primary products, etc.), was included in the case studies. Additionally, e-mail newsletter advertising banners were created to promote the case studies and drive traffic to the bizintelligence.tv Web site.

Read the complete case studies.
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