April 21, 2014

Interactive Analysis Tools (calculators)

Keep in mind the following caveats before you begin using the ASP interactive management tool:

  • This tool is not meant to be precise. The conditions and factors here have been simplified for general usage.
  • While the following five questions reflect the issues that will primarily determine an application's need for ASP services, other unspecified challenges may tilt the decision in one direction or another. The more diverse a group of applications to be outsourced, the number and type of transactions and users to be supported as well as other factors will have an impact on the ASP decision.
  • The values in this tool are based on current practice. Right now, ASP services are priced relatively high, since it is a new paradigm. Within a year, however, additional capacity and learning curve experience will drive prices down. Since costs and technologies are moving rapidly, the advice derived from this tool may be obsolete in a short period of time.
  • Legal disclaimer: Microsoft® provides this tool solely for self-evaluation. The tool is offered "as-is." See the "Terms of Use" page for more detailed information. Microsoft, application service providers and independent consultants are the primary sources of useful information and analysis about applications hosting services, costs and implementation tactics.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this Rule of Thumb tool, please contact the editor of the Enterprise from Microsoft at: entfeed@microsoft.com. Unfortunately, the editors are not equipped to respond to questions about Microsoft software or topics unrelated to this Rule of Thumb about ASP issues. For technical support, please go to http://support.microsoft.com/directory/

The following estimator tool takes you through five questions that represent the biggest issues involved in deciding whether to outsource applications hosting to a third party. Please select the answer that comes closest to representing your current evaluation of conditions at your organization.

Question 1
How many employees are in your organization?



1,000 or more

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