April 21, 2014

Interactive Analysis Tools (calculators)

Integration vs. Best of Breed

Before You Begin

Keep in mind the following caveats before you use the calculator:

  • This calculator is not meant to be precise. Consider the answer to be a back-of-the-envelope guess.
  • While the following questions reflect the main issues that will primarily determine whether your organization would be best suited with an integrated suite or a best-of-breed approach, other unspecified challenges may tilt the equation in one direction or another.
  • Furthermore, the values in the calculator are based on current practice.
  • Legal Disclaimer: EnterpriseSoftwareHQ.com provides this calculator solely for self-evaluation. The calculator is offered "as-is."

Instructions: Please respond to each question by indicating which answer most closely approximates the conditions at your organization in its current fiscal year.

Question 1
What is the current annual revenue of your organization?

Less than $100 million
Between $100 million and $500 million
More than $500 million

Question 2
Which of the following descriptions best describes the management approach of your organization?

Centralized management with tight controls
Centralized management with some divisional or departmental autonomy
Decentralized--individual divisions or departments have extensive autonomy

Question 3
How would you describe the relative complexity of your organization's supply chain, internal operations and your products or services?

Extensive supply chain and complex operations and products/services
Moderately complex supply chain, operations and products/services
Few suppliers and uncomplicated operations and products/services

Question 4
In w hat type of industry is your organization?

Process manufacturing--chemicals, raw materials, foodstuffs or other bulk goods
Discrete manufacturing--equipment, electrical or electronic systems, vehicles
Hybrid--both discrete and process industries
Services--financial, healthcare, transportation, etc.

Question 5
How large is the staff assigned to manage information technology systems and applications, including helpdesk support?

Two or less full-time equivalents
Between three and five full-time equivalents
More than five full-time equivalents

Question 6
How important is time to market in the business model for your company and industry, relative to quality and price?

Time to market is of paramount importance
Time to market is as important as quality and price
Time to market isn't as important as quality or price

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